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Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sherry vinegar Quinta de S. Vicente - Herdeiros Passanha

Quinta de São Vicente olive oil from Herdeiros Passanha.
The essential base for simple and refined cuisine.
Elegant food of a thousand flavours, dedicated to pleasure alone.
A unique oil, with golden, straw-coloured reflections,
the aroma of green fruit and an intense flavour somewhere between pepper and almonds.

Quinta de São Vicente olive oil is tasted first with the eyes. A natural colour of pale straw, translucent, whimsically fluid and extraordinarily delicate. Subtle aromas of fresh fruits are released quickly, giving way to more intensely displayed notes of the olive trees themselves. It is in the flavour of the oil that the exceptional and unique blending of the Arbequina and  obrançosa olives displays its full perfection. A genuine wellspring of nature and life, Quinta de S. Vicente olive oil exudes the goodness of the age-old soil of the Alentejo plains, land worked by our family for the past three hundred years. Unexpected aromas of herbs, green apples, pepper and a delicious pinch of hazelnut. Sublime, voluptuous flavours that will fill your palate with sweet euphoria. Good food and olive oil are a marriage made in heaven and olive oil is used in most dishes from the Mediterranean. Both gentle yet robust, the oil produces flavours unique to the region whence the olives come. Perfect with cold dishes and just as comfortable at high temperatures.