Pt. Fr. En

Allow time to do its work
(the olive tree decides when it is ready, not man).
Then pick the fruit and press it without delay.

2007. A whole new press was installed at the estate, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, yet still entirely mechanical. This new machinery enables us to press the olives within 8 hours of their being harvested. This preserves all their freshness, aroma and flavour. After being cold-pressed, the oil is stored in special tanks, away from the light and safe from any fluctuations in temperature. These tanks keep all of the unique characteristics and flavour of the olives gloriously intact. Finally, after a short period of rest, we blend the various batches with the greatest of care to create our unique oil, full of freshness, richness and harmony. Only by working in this way does Herdeiros Passanha olive oil stay true to the concept of integrated production and traceability – from the time the olives are picked, right through to the oil being bottled.