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Quinta de S. Vicente, Alentejo, Portugal, Azeite , Olive oil, Huile d'olive, Herdeiros Passanha, Taifas.

A 100% natural olive oil.
The more strict quality and environmental norms.

e are committed in applying, from the olive grow to the final customer, the most strict quality and environmental norms: Integrated Protection, HACCP, IFS, ISO 14000 and full traceability of all production. The Integrated Protection is a European farming and industrial system directed to produce high quality food while protecting the environment on the olive fields, preserving the biodiversity of the local species, avoiding erosion and increasing fertility of the soils by using natural resources and regulating mechanisms to replace polluting inputs and to secure sustainable farming. This quality norm insures that all long of the production chain (olive fields, harvest, extraction, bottling…) any element could potentially pollute our olive oil. Our objective is to supply a 100% natural olive oil, free of any other element.